Why and Where is Marijuana Legal

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Many countries around the globe still consider Marijuana an illegal drug that is harmful to the body. The bid to legalize it has led to squabbling and debates among law making bodies and different institutions in many countries that are not ready to decriminalize it.

However, there are some countries that have legalized the use of marijuana but under some conditions. These are the countries where marijuana users are free to either use it for recreational purposes or medicinal purposes.

There have been unending debates in various countries as to whether marijuana is safe or unsafe for use. The use of Marijuana has remained illegal in many countries despite a number of studies confirming that it’s a safe drug to use.

Some states in the US and a number of countries around the world have accepted the use of Marijuana for recreational and medical use. Some of the countries that have legalized the use of marijuana have gone as far as seeing it as a market capable of bringing profits to their economy.

Countries where use of pot is legal


Canada is one of the countries that has decriminalized use of Marijuana for medical purposes. However, it is still illegal to sell the drug in the country for other purposes other than for medicinal use. Canada is currently working on how to allow the use of Marijuana for recreational purposes.


It is legal to grow marijuana in small quantities in Colombia. Smoking marijuana in public and possession of over 20 grams of this drug is still illegal in Colombia. This simply means that it is illegal to transport and sale marijuana in Colombia though one can grow up to 20gm for personal use.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic allows usage of medical marijuana and the use of the drug is not a criminal offense. However, the law does not allow possession of large quantities of the drug. Purchase and possession of the drug up to 15g is allowed by law in this country.


Uruguay legalized the use of Marijuana in 2014. The law in this South American country allows growing, selling and consumption of Marijuana. However, one can only buy the drug from pharmacies and they should be over 18 years.


As long as you smoke your marijuana in private, no one will interfere with you in Spain. Spain has decriminalized the use of the drug privately. However, selling and transporting it is illegal.

United States

At the federal level it is illegal to possess Marijuana but some states have decriminalized its use. The states that have decriminalized use of medical Marijuana are, Hawaii, Vermont, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington.


Use of marijuana in Netherlands is legal in coffee shops. Marijuana related products are only available in coffee shops and should be smoked there.


Consumption and possession of marijuana is decriminalized in Portugal as long as one does not have a more than 10-days supply.


This country legalized use of marijuana in 2013. It has only legalized use of Medical marijuana to some extent. The law allows people to use products that have marijuana contents but not the green itself.

These are some of the countries that have decriminalized marijuana use after long and unending debates. Some countries and states in the US are still in the process of legalizing it.

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