Why we are peacocks with iPhones

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We say unenthusiastic to a person, who, according to us has stepped over the line of ‘normal’. But the truth is, we all want to be showoffs. That’s why we desire things we can show off – beautiful homes, shiny new cars.

However, cars and houses require a lot of money. All we can do is settle with what we have – fancy phones, expensive hats and nowadays, even posh fidget spinners.

We have all seen gold iPhones, so let’s just talk about fidget spinners for a second. This summer they have taken over the world from the slums of Mumbai to the streets of Los Angeles. It’s a fantastic stress relief toy, everyone happily exclaimed.

But it is not about stress relief. Not really. We just love showing off.

Fidget spinners for stress relief

The reason why I think that very few people use fidget spinners for stress relief is because in that case you wouldn’t worry about how it looks. A fidget spinner would have one function – spin.

But you know it is not the case as soon as you lay your eyes on the toy shelves in the store. The selection is tremendous. From cheap to posh fidget toys in a multitude of colors with a variety of features like Bluetooth and glow-in-the-dark. If fidget spinners would be designed only to keep us sane and calm, there would be no reason to make them with such a variety of features.

I think fidget spinners are a perfect demonstration of how shallow the general population can be because they are cheap, therefore we are not limited to get as much of them as we like. Maybe we all would like to own a collection of Lamborghinis in all colors of the rainbow but that’s way too expensive.


Do not get me wrong. I’m not claiming some moral superiority. Have you seen the specter of gadgets and tools for marijuana enthusiasts? Big, small and pocket-edition, blue, green and transparent, for everyday use and fancy editions. Moreover, it is not something that we as a community don’t want. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to show off that bong you bought online or a pipe you have made yourself.

Out tendency to show off is not necessarily a bad thing. Through millions of years it helped us evolve as a species. Many animals search for a mate by showing off how beautiful they are, like peacocks. That’s fine. Maybe you have been working out for months? Or maybe you worked all summer and finally managed to save for something you have dreamed off? Of course you should be proud of it. Show it, don’t be shy. In my mind, it is much better than pretending not to like when someone else does that and put them down. As they say, live and let live.

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