Why Legalization of Pot is a Good Think for Non-Smokers

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The ‘pot club’ of America is growing and that is a great sign. What did the right say about legalization of marijuana? You could’ve imagined that the murder rate would triple and, in truth, people just want to relax. And to be completely honest, it’s even a valid way of addressing the opioid epidemic.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Cannabis was criminalized for stupid reasons in the first place and, in the long run, brings more benefits than it does harm. Look at Colorado – it’s still standing. Just like Washington D.C.

So, what were the biggest fears about cannabis legalization and did the opposition be the right to be fearful?

Underage smoking

That was a big one. If you allow legal marijuana be sold in the state, underage smoking and crime would rise. In fact, the reality could not be more different.

And what about this ad, which is as ridiculous as it gets?

Basically, here they talk that marijuana edibles are in similar shape of candy. Presuming, they are afraid that children will mix the two of them.

Legal is REGULATED. That means every ounce grown and sold must be accounted for. No one is going to trick children into consuming marijuana edibles. Why would even do that?

The crime would go up

As was mentioned in the aforementioned ad, there was a fear that new marijuana users would increase crime rates. However, it makes sense that the contrary is true. As it is legal to purchase and consume cannabis products, arrests are down.

Which inevitably results in less people getting convicted over petty crimes.

Downgrade of society

weed society

As is the case every time public is pushing for legalization, the opposition claims that only restrictions keep us in check. Without them, legal prostitution, online gambling, marijuana, gay marriage, etc. would lead to the inevitable demise of the public.

The truth is, responsible marijuana users are the same as responsible gun owners or gamblers – no one is in favor of uncontrolled access to everyone.

For instance, the fact that on this page we can play safe online games and make safe deposits is fantastic. But no gambler is in favor of unsafe sites where even a child can log in and play, usually costing his or her parents a fortune.


Anti-weed coalition is a powerful enemy for anyone who is in favor of decriminalization of cannabis. You don’t need to be a smoker to understand the benefits but, again, people on this side of the fence must do a better job of bringing their point across. Innocent people are being jailed when ex-U.S. president has admitted of smoking weed himself.

Shouldn’t we all be in favor of the change?

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