8 unusual ways to use marijuana

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Most marijuana lovers consume it by smoking. In Europe, the method of mixing cannabis with tobacco is very common, while overseas (in the USA, Canada and Jamaica) prefer to use hemp in its pure, natural form.

However, in addition to burning inflorescences or extracted tar from them, there are other ways. Some of them, for example, vaporization, have become more and more popular in recent years. Others are too unusual, impractical or extravagant to resort to them except out of curiosity, but they also work.

Using a vaporizer

weed vaporizer

Vaporization (evaporation) of active substances from cannabis is a much more useful way of using than smoking. It provides the best taste and healthy saves cones. However, before you save, you have to spend – to purchase a very expensive investor. However, this is not necessary. In Jamaica, cannabis was already heavily evaporated when the words “vaporizer” were not yet in the dictionaries. For this, raw stems of bamboo, a cup of tin or foil and a hot coal were used. On the Internet you will also find a bunch of descriptions of how to make a vaporizer of your own with your own hands. Do not forget only that the smaller you grind marijuana, the easier it is to release active substances from it.

Baking and other dishes with cannabis

canabbis dish

This is definitely the most popular way, not counting smoking. Most people, if they did not try the brownie with marijuana, at least heard of them. With the use of marijuana in food, no harmful by-products are formed at all, although it is much more difficult to calculate the dosage than when smoking. Especially products with marijuana are important when it comes to medical patients. For years, using large amounts of substance, they do not want to have harmful effects of smoke on the body.

Overdoses happen very often, especially with beginners, because the effect does not come immediately, but with a delay of up to one and a half hours and even more. It’s not a problem to extinguish a jamb if you feel that it’s enough. But if you ate a cookie with cannabis and you puffed it up, it’s too late to get sick again. If in doubt, use a little and watch your condition, and if you did not prepare yourself, ask the “cook” how much staff he had loaded there.

But there is another similar method that virtually eliminates overdose. Its meaning is the squeezing of active substances from fresh cannabis. Using cannabis, which has not even been dried, you will not feel any psychoactive effects, as THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are present here in the form of inactive acidic compounds. Thus, you can take large amounts of hemp juice without fear of “pobochek”, which is ideal for patients who need large doses of cannabis substances without loss of functionality.

In soft drinks when mixed with lecithin

cannabis drinks

Until recently, it was considered axiomatic that cannabis resin dissolves only in fats or alcohol and preferably at high temperature. However, several years ago, the Austrian manufacturer introduced a product that allows the dissolution of grass or hashish in water. Thanks to this, you can add them directly to soft drinks or, for example, muesli. At first, the exact prescription was kept secret, but since then it turned out that the main ingredient is ordinary lecithin. However, mixing marijuana with lecithin, remember that it should not be fresh if you want to get exposure to the psyche. To activate THC in the grass, it must be preheated. Another option is to let her lie down (heal) for a few weeks or at least days. It also activates THC and other cannabinoids in marijuana.

As an ointment

weed oinment

Charged with cannabis ointments may contain a large amount of THC, but if you apply them to the skin, that is, outwardly, they will not have an effect on consciousness. In this case, the ointments fully retain the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. The famous hemp activist Buska Bryndova from the Czech Republic was inspired by stories about the use of hemp oil in folk medicine, as well as the results of Professor Kabelik’s research conducted in the 1950s. At one time, Kabelik managed to save his finger, which was threatened with amputation.

“I started making cannabis ointments on my own,” says Bryndova, “In the Czech Republic, the production of cannabis products was banned, so I could not analyze the ointment in the laboratory or conduct clinical trials.” I reinforce my recommendations with the experience of friends and acquaintances who used ointment for various indications. Cannabis ointment is truly a universal medicine that acts both as an antibiotic and against arthritis and against rheumatic pains simultaneously. It reduces pain with burns and helps with some types of eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections, but it should not be applied to fresh and bleeding wounds. “

Perhaps the most unusual, but also the most effective, method is rectal suppositories

For the sake of completeness, we will mention the most effective way of using cannabis, although it is unlikely that you have tried it at least once in your life, especially if you use it for the sake of pleasure. However, if you resort to this common method in medical practice, you will be rewarded for courage. If you use cannabis for food, 6 to 8 percent of THC is used. When smoking – about 3 times more. Suppositories with hemp allow you to skip such a stage as the absorption of active substances by the stomach and intestines. Thus, THC, CBD and other cannabinoids will enter the bloodstream in higher concentrations. Hai comes not earlier than 0.5-2 hours, and lasts up to 8 hours. The peak of the effect is not as pronounced as when ingested, since 11-OH-delta-9-THC in the liver is not formed in the rectal process. At the moment, this method is non-alternative for patients with some gastrointestinal disorders, but it can be promising for recreational consumers.

Keeping calm in specific situations

weed keep calm

Did you ever notice how relaxed are you after smoking weed? It can be used for your advantage in many situations. Let’s take gambling for example. Many people play and many people lose. You don’t need to keep your poker face up if you are playing online but you still need to be calm and not overreact with wagering after you lose. Losing money does strike on your nerves and affects your decisions in the process. But after smoking, you would be relaxed and not over bet to get back the money you lost (biggest mistake of all gamblers) but keep calm and bet as if everything is going smoothly. If you do so, everything will be. You can go to this link and test it yourself if you like.


hotboxing weed

I do not know the exact equivalent, so I’ll translate descriptively. Hotboxing, once proposed to the world by Chich and Chong (and so beloved by the young Barack Obama), is that several people are in a tight space and smoke cannabis, exhaling smoke into the surrounding air. This is done in a car, telephone booth, pantry, closet or tent. Hotboxing is good because nothing is wasted, plus the team rallies. From the point of view of health, there is little good here. At least because oxygen in the closed space with each gulp becomes less and less, and respiratory tract infections are very fond of such a close contact. Hotboxing and such extreme methods of cannabis use are usually practiced by young people. Responsible adult grasshoppers will rather prefer something more comfortable and hygienic.

Blazed knife or needle

weed red hot knife

The method of a red-hot knife is that a piece of grass, hashish or concentrate is placed on the tip of a red-hot knife, and evaporation is inhaled. As for the needle, you need to pierce it with a piece of cardboard so that it can stand upright. After that, a small amount of cones, concentrate or hashish is placed on the tip. Smoke gathers in an inverted glass. When the glass is full, you can inhale. This and similar methods (like self-made bongs and tubes of apples, beer cans, plastic bottles, etc.) will suit people with inventive veins. They will also be superfluous there, where they punish not only for hemp, but also for devices to use it. I smoked and no evidence. Effective and economical.


Of course, there are several ways besides those described above, however, no matter what the opponents of marijuana say, no one has learned to prick it.

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